Restaurant Kyoto’s Japanese Culture Blog

In this blog you can find information on all aspects of Japanese culture. This includes general cultural comparisons but also tips and advice useful to both Danes and to Japanese people visiting Denmark. For now, we have broken down the information into the following categories:

  • General cultural tools: Here you can find general information on the tools used to analyse culture in the rest of the articles. You do not need to specifically read this section; it will be linked to when relevant from the articles themselves.
  • Japanese culture in general: General articles on Japanese culture, including national culture, festivals, etc.
  • Comparisons between Japanese and Danish culture: These articles focus on the differences and similarities between the two cultures.
  • Tips and etiquette: Contains general tips on business etiquette
  • Japanese food culture: The intricacies of Japanese cuisine, both from a practical and historic perspective.

We will be adding articles regularly on all aspects of Japanese culture so do check back soon.