How to eat sushi

mobil2011april_057_editIn order to get the most enjoyment out of eating sushi, one needs to know the correct way to eat it. The correct way is to use a small bit of soy and to dip the fish-side of the sushi into it. Most people do not know how this is done, and they take too much soy and then dip the rice ball into it. This way, the rice ends up soaking up too much of the soy and the taste becomes too salty. The taste of the raw fish is essentially replaced by the salty soy.

One can also point to the tendency to over-use “Wasabi”, which is a Japanese horseradish. Done correctly, only a small portion of Wasabi is spread on the rice ball under the raw fish. Unfortunately, today almost everyone except the Japanese put Wasabi in the soy. This will also overwhelm the taste of the fresh, raw fish and should be avoided. Normally, the fresh Wasabi-root is shredded on a type of iron shredder and the effect of the strong horseradish also has an anti-bacterial and anti-parasitical effect. Unfortunately, in Denmark, one cannot get original Wasabi root, and one therefore has to make do with Wasabi powder, either from tins, bags, or as paste.

Gari, or “Beni-shyouga”, is pickled ginger cut into thin slices. This is always served with sushi (not with sashimi), and put on the same plate. Gari neutralises the taste senses, and it is eaten between the various sushi pieces so as to fully enjoy the taste of each kind of fish. The different fishes each have their own taste and consistency, and one should therefore not mix several different kinds together. Moreover, ginger is also good for you.

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