SAKURA is the name of the Japanese cherry blossoms. For the Japanese, it generally symbolises the spring, and the well-known flower has also had a spiritual influence on the Japanese people throughout history. SAKURA is associated with music, folk songs, poems, literature, and it is characterised as being a naturally beautiful flower with a very short lifespan. The tradition of the Japanese of appreciating and enjoying this spring flower goes back a long time. This custom was actually popular in feudal Japan and widespread among the samurai and the noblemen. According to sources, this tradition dates all the way back to the NARA period (710-794). To enjoy the blooming of the Japanese cherry blossoms in a picnic-style is called “HANAMI”, and each year at the same time of the season, thousands of Japanese families, public servants, and company employees make their way to HANAMI. Admiring the beauty of the flower is said to bring inner peace to the soul.

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